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Application video clip of Rompox 1009-1010 water-steam-open, self-leveling epoxy floor coating Phim thi công sơn sàn epoxy tự cân bằng, dẫn thoát hơi ẩm Rompox 1009-1010 của Romex

Rompox 1009-1010, the water-steam-open self-leveling epoxy floor coating of Romex

Please watch the video clip to see the application steps for Rompox 1009-1010, the water-steam-open epoxy floor coating of Romex.

Factory of Truong Hai auto corporation in the NorthNhà máy Công ty cổ phần Trường Hải tại miền Bắc

Address: Lot D6, Hanoi – Dai Tu industrial zone, 386 Nguyen Van Linh street, Sai Dong ward, Long Bien district, Hanoi Client: Truong Hai auto corporation Client’s website: http://www.thacogroup.vn/ Contractor: A Dong Industrial Construction Jsc. Applied area: m2 Product(s) used: N/A Description Founded in 1884, today Piaggio & CSPA with…

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