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Fixing wet and humid floor for your houseKhắc phục nồm ẩm trong ngôi nhà bạn

High humidity, drizzle that exposure does not dry clothes, wallpaper, wall damp sweat, electronic equipment malfunction, causing many families living in trouble. By appointment back up every spring, people living in northern and central to suffer a miserable day monsoon. Property & Building Materials introduced the assistance of experts in a number of methods to deal with monsoon to limit the influence uncomfortable.

Always plug the phone in standby mode. According to Dr. Nguyen Duc Loi – lecturer at the Hanoi University of Technology, plug the power to standby with electronic devices such as televisions, computers, DVD … in the days of monsoon weather is essential to the device is not moldy. Also, should regularly (at least 1 times / day) enabled television, computer for moisture. In the case of electronic equipment is wet, use dried inside the dryer, to avoid leakage power equipment, hazard when used. To preserve electronic devices such as cameras, recorders, can give in a sealed container with a desiccant or in barrels a lighted lamp, capacity 25 – 60W, depending on the size tank for heating equipment .
No list of equipment against the wall. Dr. Nguyen Duc Loi said, to avoid leakage, people avoid direct Statistics television, telephone, computer, printer or millet on the floor against the wall. Place your electronic devices 1m higher ground and the wall 10 – 15cm.

Do not turn on the fan, open the door. Dr. Tran Hong Con – Faculty Chemistry, National University Hanoi recommendations should not turn on the fan, open the door open when it opened as the monsoon because moist air outside on the fly as much. The fans are used to dry will make more water vapor condensation, mold more. Need to restrict the entry of moisture into the house by a closed door. Also, can restrict moisture by increasing the temperature in the room up with conditioner to remove moisture. Regularly wipe the floor with a wet towel. To avoid mold when it is monsoon, should wipe right places with condensation. For some members moisture in the closet. Put clothes and towels where clean, dry, shifting away from the closet space appear mildew, use dry cloth or sponge mop in the bathroom wall, kitchen, shower.

Against the background monsoon. According to architect Huynh Quoc Khanh (Hanoi), to fight for their homes monsoon, since the building, people should consider measures against monsoon to the floor by choosing materials work well to limit waterproof the amount of standing water on the floor. Prior to the background, so lined insulated with slag or other insulation to reduce the temperature difference between the air and the floor. Use windows, doors actually closed. In addition, the design house ventilation, high ceilings, natural wood used.

Use a dehumidifier. According to Dr. Nguyen Duc Loi, our country is located in the humid tropical climates, high relative humidity. Most days in humidity are above 70%, with drizzling rain, sun monsoon humidity up to 90%. Therefore, in addition to limiting the monsoon by natural methods, each family should also take the type dehumidifiers. On the market there are many kinds of branded dehumidifiers Nagakawa, Celsius, Winix of Japan, Taiwan, the average price of 3-4 million VND / unit. These machines are effective advertising within to 32m2, but really only effective with less than 20m2 area. However dehumidifiers can not absorb any moisture, but will be somewhat limited moisture in the air. Dehumidifier if can effectively reduce the humidity to 40-60%. When to use a dehumidifier regularly, occasionally open for ventilation to avoid air pollution.

Monsoon weather is favorable environment for mold, bacteria growth. Mold not only in walls, doors, floors, but even household appliances such as electronics, books, wallpaper, carpet … Also, this mold can adversely affect health, causing skin diseases to people, especially in children. If your child will be able to inhaled respiratory tract infections.

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