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Short Introduction of Industrial Paint Co., Ltd.Giới thiệu Công ty TNHH Sơn Công Nghiệp

Industrial Paint Co., Ltd. with its TEKSOL® trade name

Industrial Paint Co., Ltd. with its TEKSOL® trade name

Industrial Paint Co., Ltd. with its TEKSOL® trade name is a producer of specialized paints and coatings which are used in protection of concrete and metal. In addition, TEKSOL® – also produces additives for multipurpose waterproofing products and provides geotextile membranes which are used for waterproofing reinforcement.
ROMEX® AG from the Federal Republic of Germany is a producer of products used in construction of industrial floor which are basically produced from concrete and synthetic resin, and at the same time it provides polyethylene waterproofing membranes which are used as waterproofing plate in underground structures such as tanks, basement, etc.
Since its foundation in 1989, the markets and product system of ROMEX® AG have been continuously expanded and developed in a stable manner.
ROMEX® AG from the Federal Republic of Germany

ROMEX® AG from the Federal Republic of Germany

The year 2007 marked a new milestone in the development of ROMEX® AG with its license agreement for production of some ROMEX’s product lines in Vietnam and the rights for using four main trade name groups namely ROMPOX®; ROMPUR®; ROMTOP®; ROMFOLIE® together with the technology transfer agreement for production of self-leveling epoxy coatings in Vietnam to TEKSOL® – Industrial Paint Co., Ltd. ROMEX® AG showed its high determination in building a closer relationship with Vietnam and Asia – Pacific markets.


ROMEX® - TEKSOL® partnershipp

ROMEX® – TEKSOL® partnership

With this agreement, based on the close technical cooperation with  ROMEX® AG in localisation of materials, TEKSOL® – Industrial Paint Co., Ltd. is committed to deep investment in industrial floor coating sector to become a market-leading producer in this sector with a motto of producing the most environmentally friendly products, meeting the highest international quality standards, best serving and supporting customers and committed in long-term investment with domestic and regional customers. With its wide network of professional distributors, contractors across the country, ROMEX® AG và TEKSOL® – Industrial Paint Co., Ltd. ensure providing customers with highest quality industrial floor coatings in accordance with current international standards.
Please select TEKSOL® – Industrial Paint Co., Ltd. for the quality of your projects!
TEKSOL® – Industrial Paint Co., Ltd. will bring success to customers!

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