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Industrial floor coating with high loading capacity and durabilitySơn sàn công nghiệp chịu tải trọng lớn, độ bền cao

What is industrial floor coating? Currently, the need to build factories, industrial parks to serve growing production, leading to the requires and requirements of industrial flooring to a high standard, able to withstand heavy loads, aesthetically cosmetics and hygiene during use. In the developed world, industrial floor coating for factory use epoxy paint is one […]

Epoxy coating for garage floorSơn epoxy cho sàn gara

Garages floor of your house made ​​of concrete floor. It was really dirty when oil spills or mud on your car onto the floor. You must take the cleaner or hire a moving garage. Just a colorful coating of epoxy paint shiny, you’ll feel like you’re driving into the showroom every time you return home. […]

[:vi]Sơn epoxy bể chịu hóa chất[:en]Epoxy coating for chemical resistant tank[:]

[:vi] Chuẩn bị bề mặt: – Bê tông mới cần được dưỡng hộ có nước đủ ngày, thông thường là 28 ngày đối với bê tông trong điều kiện bình thường và không phụ gia. – Bề mặt bê tông cần phải phẳng, đủ mác theo thiết kế, hơi thô nhám, sạch bụi và các […]

Why do we have to use “green” epoxy paint?Vì sao phải dùng sơn “sạch”?

In our country people know how concepts are fresh vegetables, fresh meat … but the painting “clean” the little people understand clearly. So this article can be generalized to the users understanding and wise choice. Son “clean” is evaluated based on two main criteria: the amount of heavy metal contamination and levels only compound volatile […]