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What is epoxy floor coating?Sơn sàn Epoxy là gì?

Currently the use of epoxy for industrial floor has become increasingly popular and necessary for plants, industrial floor. Here we would like to provide some basic knowledge about epoxy floor coating for your reference: Epoxy system is now divided into 3 main categories: 1. waterborne epoxy paint system 2. System Epoxy Solvent 3. The original […]

Industrial floor coating for food production factorySơn sàn nhà xưởng công nghiệp thực phẩm

Factory floor coating: In today’s food industry, factory Epoxy flooring is a concern of many companies and production processing facilities. Epoxy floor paint factory the highest standards to meet the highest standards of the food industry. Coatings in the food industry are often made ​​of concrete and it regularly exposed to pollutants. This caused serious damage […]

Industrial floor coating with high loading capacity and durabilitySơn sàn công nghiệp chịu tải trọng lớn, độ bền cao

What is industrial floor coating? Currently, the need to build factories, industrial parks to serve growing production, leading to the requires and requirements of industrial flooring to a high standard, able to withstand heavy loads, aesthetically cosmetics and hygiene during use. In the developed world, industrial floor coating for factory use epoxy paint is one […]

Epoxy coating for garage floorSơn epoxy cho sàn gara

Garages floor of your house made ​​of concrete floor. It was really dirty when oil spills or mud on your car onto the floor. You must take the cleaner or hire a moving garage. Just a colorful coating of epoxy paint shiny, you’ll feel like you’re driving into the showroom every time you return home. […]

[:vi]Sơn epoxy bể chịu hóa chất[:en]Epoxy coating for chemical resistant tank[:]

[:vi] Chuẩn bị bề mặt: – Bê tông mới cần được dưỡng hộ có nước đủ ngày, thông thường là 28 ngày đối với bê tông trong điều kiện bình thường và không phụ gia. – Bề mặt bê tông cần phải phẳng, đủ mác theo thiết kế, hơi thô nhám, sạch bụi và các […]

Viconstruct International Exhibition 2006Hội chợ quốc tế Viconstruct 2006

25/4/2006 morning, specialized international Fair of Construction, Building Materials and Furniture (Viconstruct 2006) opened at the Exhibition Centre Vietnam (148 Giang Vo, Hanoi). With nearly 300 booths, the fair brings together many leading enterprises of Vietnam and international, such as the Song Da Corporation, the Vietnam Cement Corporation, Vietnam Machinery Erection Corporation, Joint Stock Company, […]

Vietbuild International Exhibition 2007 in Ho Chi Minh CityHội chợ triển lãm quốc tế Vietbuild 2007 tại Tp. Hồ Chí Minh

Morning 06 September 2007, Vietbuild International Exhibition 2007 opened at the sports complex in Phu Tho, Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of more than 630 domestic and foreign enterprises, and 18 foreign corporations. The five-day, from 6 to 11-9, nearly 1,800 booths will showcase products and new technologies in the fields of construction, […]

Vietbuild International Exhibition 2007 in Da Nang CityHội chợ triển lãm quốc tế Vietbuild 2007 tại Đà Nẵng

180 domestic and foreign enterprises attended Vietbuild 2007 international exhibition on construction, housing construction materials and interior decoration, opening in Danang day 25/6. The display now over 400 booths with all kinds of products such as construction materials, electrical equipment, hygiene, interior decoration, painting, waterproofing, glass, door kinh.Dac particular, many kinds of products, resistant materials […]

Vietbuild International Exhibition 2007 in Ha Noi CityHội chợ triển lãm quốc tế Vietbuild 2007 tại Hà Nội

From day 27/3 till December quarter, at the Friendship Cultural Palace in Hanoi, will take place VietBuild International Exhibition Fair 2007 by Hanoi People’s Committee, Center News – The Ministry of Construction and Public Co. International Trade Fair held AFC. Morning 21-3, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Construction has introduced international exhibition construction industry. From […]

International – Vietnam Green Week Exhibition 2007Hội chợ triển lãm Tuần lễ Xanh Quốc tế – Việt Nam 2007

International Green Week – Vietnam 2007 (sixth), by the Union of Science and Technology of Vietnam held in Hanoi from 26/10 to 1/11/2007, with the theme “Development sustainability, peace, friendship towards the future “, with the participation of 12 countries and international organizations, 8 ministries, 20 provincial cities, with about 500 units of Vietnam and […]